Eugenia Loli

The more I see, the more I desire to start collecting vintage piecees and working on collage.

Eugenia Loli‘s fascinating works fulfill the world with imagination.

Eugenia Loli

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[Share] Jug Cerovic standardizes metro maps from around the world

Jug Cerovic Maps 01  

all images courtesy of Jug Cerovic


French Serbian architect Jug Cerovic has standardized international subway maps with INAT, a guideline developed to unify the global metro network with easy to read and memorize charts.

Each city’s center is enlarged, to make room for the multiplicity of lines and connecting stations.

A standard set of symbols is applied to each map including the line colors, stations, connections and station labeling.

Angles are gently curved for a smooth familiar look and linear paths are represented vertically, horizontally, or 45° inclined, with no more than 5 bends on their entire length.

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