Fashion v.s Art | Jessica Chastain – Hollywood’s Most Versatile Star

This Vogue editorial is  too fascinated !

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz and edited by Grace Coddington.

I’m really into this kind of editorial !

Jessica Chastain poses to re-image the “Flaming June" by Frederic Leighton, 1895
vogueDec2013 1

Chastain poses as Vincent van Gogh’s “La Mousmé", 1888. Alexander McQueen hand-painted silk-faille jacket and ball skirt.
vogueDec2013 2

Gustav Klimt’s frequent subject in 1917-18,  “Ria Munk". Vera Wang Collection hand-painted silk chiffon dress. Manolo Blahnik heels.
vogueDec2013 3

In this homage to Félix Vallotton’s 1924 painting “Le Retour de la Mer", she wears an Alexander Wang cerulean-blue twill dress with oversize draped sleeves.
vogueDec2013 4
vogueDec2013 5

Here she reenacts Anders Zorn’s 1899 portrait of “Frances Folsom Cleveland" in Oscar de la Renta silver duchesse silk satin dress with organza neckline.

vogueDec2013 6

here in a re-imagining of René Magritte’s La Robe du Soir, 1955
vogueDec2013 7

pictures via Honestly WTF | paragraph via Vogue


作者: Leah

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