Little Prince - lonlieness

pic via Redemptive Reflections

In fact, everyone afraid of loneliness, but no one can describe it specifically; what it is, what it looks like, how does it smell.

Loneliness is a transition. You said goodbye to those familiar things, yet to find the new place to fit in; those days chasing your dream with lost and hesitation sharing with nobody; saying “we are growing together" when they were kids, while Peter Pan cannot remember anything; different kinds of loneliness, so different but so the same.

To lose love is a symbol of loneliness. Meeting under the starry night and boy asked girl to reach out the stars for him, she promised him but arouse a lonely flowing. You walk on the path ablaze with lights and nobody holds your hand, no one to chat with, this is so-called loneliness.

Loneliness will happen in the right time and right place, when you cannot go away, and neither come back.

However, girl, trying to remember what Douglas Coupland said in 《Shampoo Planet》: “the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.”

Also, Janet Fitch probably can help us cope with this from 《White Oleander》: “
Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow. Never expect to outgrow loneliness. Never hope to find people who will understand you, someone to fill that space. An intelligent, sensitive person is the exception, the very great exception. If you expect to find people who will understand you, you will grow murderous with disappointment. The best you’ll ever do is to understand yourself, know what it is that you want, and not let the cattle stand in your way.”


作者: Leah

Project Manager / Freelancer Language - major: Mandarin, English / minor: Cantonese, Hakka, Taiwanese Interest in design, exhibition and art. If you would like to be featured (either Chinese or English), please email me: leahlee0520@gmail.com



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